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Please read carefully:

For those using early browser versions or in the case of an unclear display, please use the SITE MAP, which can be found in the margin.

It is better to use this if you have an early browser version or if the display is unclear.
This is the quick, simplified version of the site, being basically a map of the page links; it is also faster for those using GPS mobile connections to download.

Our development team performs extensive tests on the home page prior to publication.
Only following this procedure can it be released for publication.

Despite this, if you still notice serious problems with the display, then it is probable that you are not using the appropriate browser. We generally plan our web sites using the most up-to-date browsers, enabling us to take advantage of the latest technology and to comply with international standards.

Naturally these web sites should work with older browsers too without any spectacular or troubling differences in appearance.

Major problems can occur if you are using a really outdated browser, i.e.: one that is more than 4-5 years old.
On this page we have provided the opportunity for you to update your computer with the latest browser and other related applications.

Macromedia Flash Player is necessary to play animations.
If you cannot view the animations, or they are not operating correctly, then you probably don’t have the right plug-in. To download, please click on the Macromedia Flash Player link

Our developers have selected Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as their primary browser and our web sites are generally developed with this browser.

For optimum page display, we recommend using at least Internet Explorer version 5.5 along with a monitor setting of 800 x 600 and a 32 bit colour depth.
For comfortable browsing we recommend the use of the full-page display (press F11).
To exit this mode, simply press F11 again. Note, this short-cut only works with IE and OPERA browsers.

When using IE, you can also exit from full-page mode using ALT + F4.

The most accurate display will only be achieved by using Internet Explorer version 6.0 or more recent browsers.
If you are using Netscape, then version 6.1 is enough to achieve acceptable quality.
If you browse with OPERA, then use a minimum of version 6.1.
If you have Mozilla, then use version 1.0.
With Linux, the Kongueror 3.0 browser is the minimum.

If you have a browser that is an earlier version than these use the SITE MAP in the margin.
This is the quick, simplified version of the site, being basically a map of the page links.

The following can be used on your web site:

FLASH VERSION: a version containing animations.
STANDARD VERSION: standard, basic version.
FLASH PLUG-IN: required for playing animations.
SKIP INTRO: skipping of the animated introduction.
BACK TO INTRO: return to the introductory animation.

All these make your site up-to-date!

If you already have a working web site, but the most recent information is not being displayed or your most recent updates are not working appropriately, then you should do the following:

1. Press control and click on the refresh button, or
2. Under IE, go to tools > internet options > general > delete files and
3. Tools > Internet options > general > settings > delete files and
4. Tools > Internet options > general > settings > every visit to the page.

If you apply these settings, the browser will display the most recent information on every page.
If you are unable to play film clips on your computer, then you can download the necessary updates from this page.

Other multimedia applications are available from the developers web site: Quickstudio Multimedia Laboratory.

Explanation of technical terms:

A programme to help us use the Internet. In Europe (under the windows operating system) the most popular browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Your browser and your version:
The details of your browser type and version can be found under Help - About Internet Explorer.

Plug-in, player:
the programme, which is required for the playback of animations and videoclips.

We can check your browser using the following information:

You use the following browser:

Common Problems

Pictures aren’t displayed accurately – broken up
Download the most recent browser
Tables aren’t displayed accurately – broken up.
Download the most recent browser
Links are not working
Download the most recent browser
Link goes to error page
Write us an e-mail
The animations are not working
Download the latest flash plug-in from the following place: Macromedia Flash Player
The film cannot be watched
Download the latest player:
Windows Media Player, Quick Time

Downloadable Programmes:

Internet Explorer Browser Downloads:

Netscape Download

Opera Browser Downloads:

Opera Download

Mozilla Browser Downloads:

Mozilla Download

Details on web page preparation can be found on the developers web site:

Help us to use our pages perfectly!

We are your partners!

If, after downloading an appropriate browser or the flash player, you are still experiencing problems, please write to the following e-mail address:

Or come into our office:

Office: Eger, Kistályai út 6. Phone: +36-36-413-449; Phone/fax: 36-322-747;
Mobile: +36-30-218-3519; e-mail: